Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

Taylor left last Sunday after church to go to the BGCT in Corpus.  When I picked Sophie up from school Monday afternoon she was coughing horribly and said she didn't feel like going to ballet.  This never happens so I knew she was feeling bad.  She started running fever that evening so I knew we'd have to miss school the day of her school fall festival.  She and Gracie and I spent Tuesday curled up on her bed sleeping, reading, and watching Netflix on my tablet.  Not a bad way to pass a day.  I was so thankful for our wonderful Miss Cindy who came and sat with Sophie Tuesday night so John Curtis wouldn't have to miss his Fall Festival.
 My little dragon and I had fun together!

 His rockin' teacher

Wednesday we were all back at school for some Halloween fun.
 Traditional Ghost Toast
 Daddy got home Wednesday afternoon in time for Trunk or Treat that evening.


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