Thursday, January 31, 2013

A January Post

 Since it is the last day of January (and my family has been putting pressure on me), I thought it was time to update what has been going on around here.  Last year I wrote this post about January. This January has been similar, except I've been enjoying it so much I couldn't be bothered to blog.  There is a pattern I've been noticing to life.  The slowness that comes at the beginning of each new semester and the activity that builds increasingly until the craziness that is December and May.  Knowing it is coming makes the slow months all the sweeter.  This January has been full of lazy Saturday mornings, evenings around the dinner table, afternoons playing in the backyard, and dinners with friends.
 Of course there has been lots of playtime.
This little boy has been having nighttime adventures in which he wanders the house and finds interesting places to pee.  It has been a fun game for all!
This little girl participated in an Invention Convention.  After trying and failing to make a portable desalinator for hiking, we went to less scientific route of School Jools and Tools.
Never lose your school supplies again if you have them on you.

So there is our entire month summed up in a blog post.  I dedicate it all to my Aunt Edie.


Lindsey said...

I was wanting you to do a new post too but didn't want to pressure you. :)

Grammy said...

Love the pictures. I always loved January, a slow time after the holidays, before spring and summer chaos. Love you!