Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

It was great waking up in Weatherford on Christmas morning and not having to get in the car and drive, especially since we were all awakened by a Christmas morning storm way before the kids got up!
 Just what I wanted!

 This boy has it made!

 New ballet shoes!

We were all surprised when the beautiful snow began to fall!
 We didn't get much but JC was proud of his itty bitty snowman.

It was the perfect day to stay in our jammies and play with all our new games and toys.
That evening Taylor, Lindsey, Brian and I all went to see Les Mis.  It was a great Christmas Day!

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Grammy said...

It was beyond wonderful having all the people I love most under my roof for that one special time. It may never happen again, but I am so thankful. It was so fun to have the kids! And you!