Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Weekend with Sophie

On Saturday morning Sophie and I got in the car and headed for Burnet.  The flowers were gorgeous!
We found our weekend home on Lake Buchanan and waited for the girls


 When everyone got there we had lunch at Storm's.
After lunch we drove down to Austin.  We had reservations to ride the Duck tour bus/boat.  We had worked so hard to find something my grandmother, pregnant sister, and 8 year old could all participate in and it sounded fun.  However, when we got downtown 6th street was closed down for a festival and we couldn't get there or find parking.  Alas, we missed the boat!  We were so bummed!
We decided to go over a  few blocks to the Capitol to kill some time.
Sophie ended up loving it!

Grammy feeling free on the way to the food trucks!

After seeing some of Austin we drove back to Burnet for some yummy Mexican food.  Then we drove out to an observatory on the lake where the Austin Astronomy Society was set up with their telescopes.  The stars were so beautiful and we got to see Saturn.
The whole group this morning - 4 generations
Sophie and I took our time getting home, stopping to take pictures

Love this girl so much!  She was such a big girl hanging out with all of the girls.  She is growing up so fast and I love my time with her now.


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Grammy said...

Such a good time with my big girl. Actually, all my girls. Sophie was blessed with the traveling gene, we shall see where it will take her.