Sunday, May 26, 2013


The kids have had a lot of end of the year performances lately.
 A few Thursdays ago they had Dia de los Ninos at their school.
 They paraded with their class
 and did a little dance.

 John Curtis was not too excited about his class performance.

 Last Sunday night the kids performed their church choir musical.
 Sophie got to have a part this year.
 Finally, Sophie had her Spring Showcase Friday night
 Pics aren't great because this is during rehearsal and I couldn't use my flash.
 She was beautiful, though!

We are winding down our school year with all of our performances. Only one more week of school for the kids!

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Lindsey said...

Ah! She is so precious and big! I can tell just from the pictures that she has the best form in the class. :)