Monday, September 2, 2013

Carter William Brewer

Carter William Brewer entered the world at 6:54 pm on August 26 (the previously mentioned first day of school) weighing 6lbs, 13 oz. We finally got to go see him this weekend and we are all in love.

Sophie took to him right away and she begged to stay at Lindsey's house with me that night.
She was a big helper.
How sweet is that face????

 On Sunday afternoon we drove back the Weatherford and Uncle Taylor finally got to meet his nephew.

 We finally talked JC into holding him.  He'd wanted nothing to do with him, but his smile when he finally held him says he's pretty fond of his little cousin too.

This girl had lots of tears when it was time to tell Carter good-bye last night.  Sure wish we lived closer!

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