Sunday, September 15, 2013

Little School House on the Prairie

One of the advantages of having your school on a National Landmark is that you have a field trip right in your back yard.  Every year the 4th graders spend part of a day in the old school house pretending like they are going to school in the 1800s.

 I don't think she thought this was nearly as cool as I did.  As a child who grew up with Little House on the Prairie, this was a day out of my favorite TV show!

 The school marm was quite strict.  Look how straight they're sitting!

They even got to put their lunches in lunch pails.  How fun is that?  The kids decided they would stick with their air conditioned school for now!

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Grammy said...

That is greatness! She looks thrilled. I had dinner with your 3rd grade teacher tonight. She said hello! She likes that you are teaching 3rd grade.