Saturday, November 2, 2013

Texas Aggie Football Game

Taylor and I took a great last minute trip to College Station last weekend.  It all happened very quickly when some tickets became available and were offered to us.  We haven't made it to a game since we moved here over 7 years ago because most games are on Saturday evening.  This game was at 11:00 AM and my parents were able to come and stay with the kids so everything fell into place for us to go.  We left right after school on Friday and stopped for a great dinner in Waco.  Then we got to our hotel pretty late.  It was so nice and quiet being alone though.  We got to sleep in a bit and were ready to hit campus.

Along with our tickets came this sweet parking spot.  That is my red Acadia and that is Kyle Field.  We didn't have to fight traffic at all!

We had a great time walking around campus and seeing what had changed and what hadn't. 
 We watched the band march in and found our amazing seats.

We got to see this guy play,
and the Fightin Texas Aggie Band march,

and had an amazing time!
Then it was back on the road, but first we had to drive by our first home together.  It was a fast 24 hours, but such a great unexpected treat!

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