Sunday, November 24, 2013


In 13 years of marriage Taylor and I have lived in 5 homes and each one has their own memories.  There was our first year of marriage in our sweet little duplex in Bryan where everything was new and we had fun playing house . There was the 2 years  we spent in our townhome in Hewitt outside of Waco where we learned to make a new place home and find community. There was  our little garage tree house apartment we lived in our last year in Waco where we made 2 babies and lost one and learned how to help each other heal.  Then there was our amazing parsonage in Marlin where Sophie was the center of our world and we learned the hard lessons of ministry.

But our current home here in San Angelo is the first home we bought.  This is the house we really  made into a home.  This is the place where we watched our fat babies turn into toddlers, preschoolers, and now elementary kids.  It's where we've laid floors, and laid floors, and painted walls and ceilings, and laid floors again, and built a desk, and a tree house, and laid grass, and laid grass again.

It's where Sophie went from dancing in front of the TV to Dancing with the Stars to dancing on her own ballet bar to prepare for dancing on a stage.  It's where John Curtis came home from the hospital, took his first step, and began this adventure of a life he is on.  It's where we've lived our life as a family of four and I've loved every stage of it.

But lately when family comes or we have friends over we've felt a little cramped in our sweet home.  With me going back to work this fall we started looking around at Open Houses every Sunday just to "see what's out there".  Nothing we saw tempted us until a few weeks ago.  We walked into a home and all 4 of us knew this was it.  We made an offer that week and it had been accepted by the next weekend.  By the weekend after that we had sold our current home without ever listing it.

So big changes are coming for the Sandlins after Christmas.  We are so thankful we have found a community, church, school, and jobs that we don't want to leave and that none of that will change.  Taylor and I have already started dreaming and planning about this new home.  We have big plans and enough work to keep us busy for a few years!

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