Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sophie is 10!

On Tuesday Sophie turned 10 years old.  This is so hard to believe!
 We dropped John Curtis off at church for Day Camp and Skyped with the family that is all in Asia right now.

 Then we went out for a birthday donut before I dropped her off at ballet.
After dance class we took her and her ballet buddy, London, out for lunch at Chic Fil A.
 After lunch we picked up JC and Gracie and Ellie and went to the movies to see Maleficent.
 Back home it was present time!
 Then shrimp alfredo at Olive Garden,
 Baskin Robbins,She i
and family Dance Wii.
Every day of the 10 years we've spent with Sophie have been a blessing.  We are so proud of the sweet, sensitive, caring girl she is growing into.
Next weekend we'll celebrate with a big 10th birthday party!  Can't wait!

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Pink Slippers said...

Happy Birthday--we will be celebrating our Sophia's 10th birthday on July 28th.