Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's Cold Outside!!!

It has been cold in San Angelo this past week, or at least cold for us. We have had to find creative indoor activities to do. As you can see from the picture, John Curtis has fun emptying out the Tupperware cabinet. Anything to keep him happy when he can't go outside. He goes to the door and cries. He also enjoys looking out the kitchen window at the bird feeder. He walks over to it periodically to check if the birds are eating. We have some beautiful cardinals visit occasionally. The other day he found Sophie's shoe and tried to put it on all of our feet! Sophie has kept busy working on her Disney World scrapbook. She likes for me to print out pictures and uses my scrapbook paper and stickers to put them in her Disney autograph book. It's turning out really cute. Also, just a tip for you moms, the author Jan Brett has some great winter books to read aloud and a fun website with activities that go along with them. I used to use them in my classroom all the time. We have been reading The Three Snow Bears and making paper doll polar bear characters from the website. I would love any other ideas anyone has to pass these long winter days!

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