Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our Magical Disney Vacation

Sophie and I spent last Thursday through Sunday in Orlando with my Mom, Dad, and sister. We went to Disney World on Friday and Saturday and had a GREAT time. I was worried Sophie might be a little young, but she loved it and didn't want to leave.
We left from San Angelo early Thursday morning. It was Sophie's first plane ride. She freaked out and cried when she had to take off her shoes while going through security. After that I was afraid what the rest of the trip would hold, but she did great. She enjoyed the plane ride and wasn't scared at all.
We met up with my family in Dallas and while waiting for our next plane, Lindsey noticed that Todd, the winner of the last Survivor, was waiting as well. He got on our plane and while waiting for our luggage in Orlando, Lindsey go up the nerve to take Sophie over to ask for his autograph. He was the first to sign her Disney autograph book!

We spent all day at Disney World on Friday and Saturday. Sophie's face lit up the first time she saw the castle and we immediately saw the princesses in a show in front of it. She loved the Dumbo ride, carousel, Winnie the Pooh, It's a Small World, and The Magic Carpet. Her very favorite though was the teacups. She rode them at least three times and laughed the entire time! Her least favorite ones were Snow White's Scary Ride (the picture with the scared look on her face was taken there), Peter Pan, and the Jungle Cruise. She wasn't a huge fan of the 3-D movie when things came at her, especially when they blew air on her or sprayed water.

She got to meet a lot of characters too. Her favorite of course were the princesses. She was so excited to talk with them and hug them. It was so fun that she thought it was all real. After the light parade on the last night she told me the princesses were going up to the castle to put on their pajamas and go to bed. She avoided some of the characters like Captain Hook. We took a ton of pictures and the Disney photographers took some of her with the characters as well. If you want to see more pictures go to www.disneyphotopass.com. Log in with my e-mail (thesandlins@verizon.net) and the password is MickeyAa7. The character pictures that the professionals took will come up. If you put your cursor on View All at the top and click My Uploaded Photos you can see all the pictures I took.

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Julie Walker said...

What a blast! Tate is so jealous and wants to go too. I am glad you were able to go. And how cool cor Lindsey that you got to see the winner of Survivor!