Monday, August 18, 2008

Rainy Day Fun

The rain continues to fall in San Angelo. We are so thankful for it and love the cooler weather it brings. We live in a town with no drainage ditches in the roads, so we may float away, but it does make for some great jumping puddles. Sophie got a new umbrella for her birthday and has been waiting to use it. One day she carried it in and out of the library, but no rain came. Another day she sat in the backyard with it waiting for the rain to fall and it never did. Finally, these last few days she has been able to use her umbrella. The kids have loved watching the rain and even playing out in it. Here are a few pictures of our rainy days.
We played up and down the street and ally jumping in the puddles.
John Curtis thought this was the greatest thing ever. He loves the rain and laughs every time it falls on him. What could be better than water falling from the sky????
Sophie's friend Ellie introduced her to scavenger hunts when we were over there the other night. Now she keeps wanting to look for things out in the yard. She collected flowers in her rain boots and Sunday dress yesterday.
Since we knew the weather was going to be cooler today we had planned a trip to the park with Gracie and Ellie for a scavenger hunt. Sophie was so excited about it I thought she would be disappointed we couldn't do it due to the rain. They were just as excited to have one indoors though. They spent the morning painting, coloring, and decorating their scavenger hunt bags. Then they went on a hunt finding crayons, stickers, and pipe cleaners. It really doesn't take much to keep them happy.
Aren't they cute on their dress up clothes on their scavenger hunt???


TeamBortzfield said...

how cute, she looks like a little model in her slicker and boots.

Janet said...

Now that looks like fun! Her jacket is so cute! I love the pic of John Curtis about to jump in the puddle! Such a good shot!

Kristie said...

That's a great picture of John Curtis. Looks like fun.

Terran said...

Hey Alyson, I've recently made up my blogspot too. Lindsey had told me about yours a while ago. Your kids are beautiful and I know you are enjoying them.