Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fish and Football

My parents came Friday and stayed through today. It was good to see them and we kept them busy. On Friday Taylor and Sophie put together her new aquarium. It is actually Taylor's old aquarium that has been at his office. Since he's getting a new one for his new office we thought we'd give Sophie the old one so she could have pets. We changed all the decorations and made it girly and Sophie loves it.
Helping Daddy get it ready.

Arranging the decor!
The finished product

I often walked in the room and found Taylor staring at the aquarium. Sophie joined him.

On Saturday we went shopping for a Halloween costume for JohnCurtis. Sophie wants to wear her cheerleader outfit that she wears to the games, so we wanted to get him a football uniform. We found lots of cute jerseys but only found one costume with a helmet. I think we'll use the helmet and the pants and get him a t-shirt to wear. The shirt that came with it was itchy and he didn't like it.I look good!
I could play for the Aggies! (literally)


e said...

Can you really call a fish a pet? Personally I think that's stretching it. I have nothing against fish per se. They fry up just fine. :)


Debbie Mendrop said...

Got to get that boy a REAL helmet, as much as he loves balls.

Lindsey said...

If you ever get sick of the fish and need to have them killed off just let me know..apparently I have a "gift"