Thursday, October 23, 2008


Procrastinating again. Have I finished my project? Nope. Is it due tomorrow? Yep. I think I'll blog a little. Every fall the monarch butterflies come through San Angelo as they migrate south. Last year there were so many of them and it was so beautiful. On Monday as we were coming out of school I noticed quite a few of them in the flower beds. So Tuesday we decided to go hunt for butterflies. Last year there were a ton on the trails by the Lily Ponds, so we decided to take a picnic lunch and see what we could see. There were some, but not the swarms we had last year. I don't know if they haven't made it yet, or if that is all we're going to get this year.

If you look real close you can see the butterflies behind her.
Stopping to rest
John Curtis playing Hide and go Seek
Counting and "not peeking"
The best picture I could get of the two of them
John Curtis chasing a butterfly. Can you find it?
I have no idea what he's doing.
Taylor joined us for lunch and "explored" with the kids. Sophie said she was Dora, John Curtis was Boots, and we were Dora's mommy and daddy.

Enjoying a picnic lunch

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Debbie Mendrop said...

What a great day! I bet the butterflies are delayed by the cost of fuel. They only made it to Abilene this year. Love the counting and not peeking picture.