Sunday, October 5, 2008

Growing Up

Sophie seems to be growing up right before our eyes. She is learning so much in school. Her teacher told me on Friday that she is starting to read. I have noticed that she is trying to spell words and figure new ones out. I thought her teacher might have been exaggerating a little, but who am I to argue with a professional????Friday was my sister's birthday so the kids and I went to Weatherford to help her celebrate. All the girls went to get pedicures. Sophie loves girl time. She doesn't mind sitting in the chair patiently waiting for her turn. I mentioned to Mom that she might be a tad bit spoiled since she has had her nails done professionally three times and I didn't get mine done until my wedding day!

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Lindsey said...

She is quite the girly girl! Thanks so much for coming to see me on my birthday-it was fun to get to hang out with you and the kids!