Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall Crafts

I am not a crafty person. It is not a trait I inherited from my mom. I mess up even the simplest projects. One of my good friends, Jill is very crafty. Several of our friends get the magazine Family Fun. I love this magazine as it has fun crafts and ideas you can do with your kids. I even got the idea for Sophie's sand castle birthday cake that I made this summer from that magazine. The cover of October’s Family Fun was of children wearing tie dyed pumpkin shirts. A person like me looks at the shirts and thinks, “Those are cute.” A person like Jill looks at them and says, “I want to make those!” Being a very social person, Jill wasn’t satisfied making the shirts by herself. She wanted to involve all of us. So several of us girls met at the church Sunday night armed with white t shirts and fattening snacks.We had fun tying up the shirts together. We let them sit in the orange dye for 30 minutes while we indulged in the snacks. We were supposed to wash the shirts out until the water ran clear. Well, it was almost clear and it was taking forever. Good enough. We cut off the rubber bands and threw all the shirts in the church’s dryer. So the magazine said this project would take about an hour. It has already taken over two and we figured we had some frustrated dads at home that needed rescuing. We would just take our wet shirts home to dry and draw the faces on individually. We went down to the dryer to get the shirts out and, you guessed it, the dryer was orange. We scrubbed and scrubbed with the SOS pads and Jill even went up the next morning and cleaned it some more. We think it is clean, but I guess we won’t know for sure until the linens from the Lord’s Supper are washed. Will the table be covered with an orange cloth next time or a white one?

I put my shirts in the laundry room to dry, but didn’t think much about them Monday. My kids were at school and I had a load of my own school work to focus on. Unfortunately, we had all decided our kids would wear their shirts to church Wednesday night. That left Tuesday to get them finished. The only problem was that my kids are home. I knew if I was doing a craft they would want to do a craft.So we spent the entire morning being crafty. I cut a pumpkin face out of milk jugs and Sophie painted them orange. We put candles inside and made them luminaries. She also painted leaves and did her own little art project as well as making a candy necklace. John Curtis stuck stickers on a bag, colored, and ate the candy from the necklace. However this kept them busy as I painted faces on little circles all over the shirts. I was saved by Jill and Kristie coming over to finish theirs with me. Jill fixed mine several times. I’m thankful my friends were here to visit with and pass the morning.

Sophie and John Curtis working on their crafts
The finished product
Modeling their shirts

John Curtis and Connor were checking out each others shirts at school

Sophie and Caleb in their classroom
This is the best I could do of Evan and John Curtis
Sophie and the twins at church


Janet said...

I'm so impressed! Y'all did a great job. Love the shirts!! I love craft stuff. My line when I see a cute craft is always, "I could so do that!!" I usually don't end up doing it though! Btw, I am cracking up about the orange dryer!

Lindsey said...

OK, seriously..is that boy wearing socks with his sandals??? Come on Aly! But as you know I did not inherit the craft gene from mom either. So I am super impressed with you for even attempting the creative stuff! And the shirts are very cute. Make me one please! :)

Alyson Sandlin said...

He's not wearing socks with sandals! He's wearing brown shoes!

TeamBortzfield said...

That turned out great! you are too crafty. I hope the Lord's Supper Table cloths come out ok.

Team Bortzfield said...

That reminds me of the spatter paint Tshirts your Mom and I made for you girls. Then you wore the T-shirt dresses to church camp and your colored underwear showed through. Fun memories with goof friends. This is Sharon on Carol's accountio