Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

I was hoping that I was going to get to post pictures of our finished project tonight.  This was the weekend we were going to finish, and we would have if John Curtis had not started throwing up Thursday morning.  Still I had hope.  These things usually only last 24 hours, right?? Right - unless it is the rotavirus.  That can last up to a week I'm told.  That means we have several more fun days ahead of us.  For those of you who have not had the pleasure of experiencing the rotavirus, it is a whole lot of nastiness coming from everywhere.  He really is a pitiful little boy and we've had a few worrisome nights when he couldn't keep any liquids in.  He is finally taking more in than he is putting out so I think our dehydration scare is over for now.  Here is our weekend in pictures (don't worry, John Curtis is only in one). 

Despite all of the sickness, Taylor and Sophie did get to spend some time together working on the house.  On Friday they built the windows and got them painted and put in.  It really looks great.  We hope to finish the inside tomorrow so maybe I'll post some pictures of our almost finished house.
Sophie has been a big help on the house.  She loves to watch Taylor build and she paints whenever she can.

She has been such a trooper this weekend.  The goal has been to keep her out of the house as much as possible and I've been so proud of what a big girl she has been, just going with the flow.  

This is where John Curtis has spent most of the weekend.  I'm sure his brain is mush since we really haven't had the TV off at all.  I try to make myself feel better since Sprout advertises itself as "preschool on TV".  I'm sure he's learning a lot.  I am now a fan of the Goodnight Show.  I am listening to it in the background right now and it puts him right to sleep.  So soothing!  So much we've been missing!  Of course his favorite is WallE, which we've watched at least 3 times.
Does this picture really need any explanation????  Friday night my Sunday school class had an 80's party.  Taylor was nice enough to stay with John Curtis so I could go.  This is exactly how my 3rd grade self hoped I would look at 31.
All the girls
While I took John Curtis to the doctor this morning, Taylor let Sophie ride her bike to the park down the street for a visit with the Easter Bunny and an egg hunt.

She let them paint her arm and I had to wash around it in the bath tonight.
I didn't get a chance to do her hair before I left for the doctor.  Taylor didn't do too bad, though.


Julie said...

The playhouse is looking great! I know the kids are loving getting to paint and show off their artwork. I loved their hands on the wall, and Sophie's masterpiece was great! We did find a place to live, and I just posted pics on the blog. Check it out! Love you Alyson!

Janet said...

I am so sorry that John Curtis has rotavirus! That is such a mean virus!! Hope he gets better very quickly and that your house is back to normal soon! I like all the Easter bunny pics. Sophie always looks cute and I am actually impressed that Taylor did her hair. I wonder how Bryan will do with MK's when she actually has some! Still cracking up at all the 80's pics! It was fun!

ab said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with what you wrote, but I can't believe someone besides me still has that Beautiful Feet t-shirt. The memories...

Kristie said...

I love all the pictures. I cracked up at your comment about how your 3rd grade self wanted you to look. I'll be thinking of you and praying the next several days as John Curtis is recovering.