Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blogging Blahs...

...and the blahs in general. That's what I have. No exciting stories or events to report on - just everyday life. Of course it is probably the calm before the storm that is the holidays. Taylor has been in and out for meetings all week so the kids and I have had lots of quality time and we've done pretty much nothing. Taylor promised me this morning that his trip to Waco today was his last one for the year. Now it is out there for the blogging world to hold him accountable. Anyway, here are some pictures that have been on the camera for a few days so I'll share for the sake of the grandparents.
These were taken over a week ago when we went with friends down to the river to feed the ducks. We avoided the geese this time and John Curtis didn't seem to be scarred by his last experience here.
The nice duckies stayed in the water the whole time.
Lots of fun!
These are the 2 pictures I took in Weatherford this weekend. Since Taylor was out of town the kids and I spent the weekend there. DeeDee was helping Sophie with her sticker book. Pardon Bumpaw's big feet.
Cuddle time with Mimi

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Leia Barker said...

Seeing you at the park with friends ON A SCHOOL DAY makes me long for those days--library, picnic at the park, nap time.....
Enjoy the blahs--you're right about the "holiday storm" being around the corner!