Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

My parents made a last minute decision to come see the kids for the night on Friday. It was nice to have them here. On Friday night, the guys went to the football game to watch the Bobcats win while the girls stayed home and made caramel apples.

The next morning we had our traditional ghost toast and eggs.
Tickle time with Bumpaw

Trunk or Treat
I do realize that the last few posts have been of my kids in their costumes and they all look the same, but I had to document it one more time. Taylor worked really hard on them.

However, they weren't the most comfortable costumes.

Unfortunately, the pictures don't do Sophie's justice. She actually has a green light up leaf on the front and blue lights coming out the bottom. You just can't see them in the pictures. It was fun!


mimi sharon said...

Fun times. I love carmel apples, those look easier to do than the way we used to do them.

TeamBortzfield said...

So cute, I love all the halloween activities, the costumes are outstanding! good job on originality and execution. Love you!