Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Last Three Days

Thursday, 11:30 AM
The kids and I pick Taylor up for an early Father's Day lunch at his favorite restaurant, Double Dave's (which Sophie fondly refers to as Double D's). We give him his presents back at the office and praise him for being such a wonderful dad. Then Taylor kisses the kids goodbye and tells them he'll see them in a week. Can you ask for a better Father's Day gift?

6:00 PM
The kids are safely delivered into the able hands of Grammy and
Bumpaw. Taylor and I begin to move all furniture out of the living room.
It is discovered that we are living in filth. The maid will be fired on Monday.

11:30 PM
All undamaged floor from the living room has been carefully
taken up and lovingly placed in piles. This floor has a lot of
sentimental value to us.
Friday, 8:45 AM
All furniture must be moved out of the bedroom, carpet must be
pulled up, little boards with the sharp thingys on them have to be
pried off the cement, baseboard must come off while remaining
nails are pounded into the wall, and black plastic stuff must go
down. Floor will then be brought in from the living room and
put down. Baseboards will be reattached and furniture moved
back in. There are only 2 of us, but hopes are high. We've done
this before. We're pros.
10:20 PM
Bedroom is finished. All goals accomplished including a visit to the hospital (for a church member, not us) and a few trips to Lowes. We can't move but we are right on schedule. Tomorrow will be a piece of cake.

Saturday, 9:00 AM
Taylor and I wake up for the first time having not slept that late
since we were teenagers. Neither of us can move our bodies
enough to get them out of bed. We finally urge ourselves up and
begin another day. Unfortunately our new floors don't want to
cooperate as well as the old ones. Fortunately, Brandon stops by
to check things out and stays until 4:00. It takes a few tries and
a lot of hours to really get going.

3:00 PM
We're moving now but have given up the idea of getting it done
today. Taylor tries not to electrocute himself as he works around
the plugs in the floor. Sounds simple enough, but last time he
shocked himself twice. Everyone says he's such a smart guy.
5:30 PM
Call it quits for the evening. Goal for the day not accomplished.
Head over to Brandon and Leia's for dinner. Have I mentioned
they're great friends?
7:45 PM
The keyboard must be dried after Taylor spills his drink on it while hooking up the computer so I can blog.
8:40 PM
Taylor tries to have deep theological thoughts in the midst of
chaos. For some reason he still has to preach tomorrow.
8:45 PM
The remaining stacks of wood from our old floor wait patiently for the day when they are once again lovingly put down. Unfortunately for them, they will go in the bathroom some time
in the not too distant future (I hope).


Grammy said...

Wow. I defininately got the better end of this deal. All I had to do was play, play, play. It looks great!

TeamBortzfield said...

Good job guys! I loved seeing your great big kids, can't believe how tall they are!