Sunday, June 20, 2010

Still Working

I started this post a week ago and never finished it. I guess I should do that now before I move on to everything else that's been going on.

Sunday, 2:13 PM
After church and a wonderful lunch with friends it's back to work.

2:55 PM

I break my first fingernail of the project. Not bad after 4 days.

3:05 PM

I conquer my fear of the saw. I haven't used it since we built the tree house and I am very afraid of it. I'm ready to get this job done though, so saw I must.

3:34 PM

Happy Hour is almost over so I must make a run to Sonic. My car registers 107.

3:50 PM

Taylor heads off to a meeting at church. I consider trying to figure out how to use the nail gun and start putting the base boards back on. Instead I take a nap.

5:20 PM

Taylor returns home. I am only semi conscious. Work on the floor resumes. Almost there!

7:45 PM

With just a few boards to lay we stop to go find a rug before everything closes. Too late. Didn't take into account that it is Sunday night and everything closes earlier. My grumpiness is setting in. No need to take pictures of that.

10:30 PM

The floor is finally finished!

We did finally get a rug the next day and get everything put back in it's place. I'd post a picture, but it doesn't look any different from what it did before and that depresses me a little bit. We were pretty tired so we ran away and hid for a few days. But that is another post for another day.

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