Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Weekend of Firsts

When Sophie was 4, Bumpaw bought her first bike for her. Bumpaw loves to bike and had high hopes that she would too. She did great with her training wheels on, but she still never fell in love with biking and much preferred to ride her scooter. Teaching her to ride without her training wheels was a struggle. Bumpaw tried last spring, but she just wasn't ready. When she turned 6 I told her she had to learn to ride her bike this year. I even bribed her a little with the promise of a new bike for Christmas since John Curtis is eager to take over her bike. With the weather getting cooler we decided to try again last weekend...and it was a success. She got over her fear and just went for it. This is a video of her first successful attempt.

Since Grammy, Bumpaw, and DeeDee were coming this weekend we decided not to tell him yet and surprise him on Friday. Sophie practiced every day after school and even rode for 45 minutes at the park on Thursday. Now we have a hard time getting her off. She was so excited to jump on her bike and show off for Bumpaw on Friday. It was a great surprise. New bikes are on the list for all of us this Christmas.

Unfortunately Sophie got the yucky stomach virus Friday night and no one slept much that night. It only lasted 12 hours and we were still able to enjoy our visit even though I didn't take any pictures.

On Saturday afternoon Sophie decided she was finally ready to get her lose tooth out. Her two bottom ones were already coming in behind the baby ones and she finally pulled one of them out.

What a weekend! We are all crossing our fingers that no one else gets the virus and are thankful for an extra hour to catch up on our sleep tonight. Thanks for all your help, Grammy and Bumpaw!


Julie said...

WOW! What a big weekend! Congrats to Sophie on riding her bike and losing her first tooth. Hope everyone stays well! Can't wait to see ya'll in a few weeks!

Grammy said...

Such a great video! I just hate that we missed her "park time", I know she was relly looking forward to it. We had a great weekend, puke and all. Love you!

mimi sharon said...

So proud of Sophie, she is really overcoming her fears this Fall.