Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

435. JC bringing me a flower
436. "Mama, I love Mommy and Daddy time."
437. Not feeling rushed
438. Tea on the back porch swing
439. Birds in the trees singing goodnight
440. Cool breeze
441. Surprise Easter baskets on the front porch
442. Pausing to remember Him
443. Late dinner out with my family

444. Smell of blueberry muffins reminding me of childhood
445. Friends in and out of the house all weekend

446. He is risen!

447. Hope in my soul

448. Visiting on the back porch with friends
449. Walking home at sunset
450. Dinosaurs in my bathtub
451. Chasing ground squirrels
452. Good books


mimi sharon said...

I love Easter pictures. Your family is so adorable; especially like Taylor's pink tie.

Grammy said...

Wonderful Easter pics. Taylor's glasses look so distinguished! And you let JC dye eggs with a white shirt on, aren't you brave? Miss you all!