Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Water for My Soul

355. Spur of the moment cookout with friends
356. Relaxing with a book on the back porch
357. Friday night bubble bath
358. Catching up with a friend over lunch

359. Popsicles

360. Shade on a hot day

361. Friends to pass an afternoon with

362. Blue jay outside my window
363. Lost library book found
364. An exciting basketball game
365. Friends to cheer with
366. Taylor's flexible schedule
367. Kids piled up on me watching TV
368. Tickle time with Daddy

I didn't water my plants yesterday. I was busy trying to get everything done so we could go to our friends' house and watch the Fightin' Texas Aggies win a National Championship. I had to throw that in.

369. A National Championship for the Aggies

370. Watching the big game with new friends

One 97 degree day without water and my plants are parched, shriveled, thirsty. I notice them when I come home from work. I find I sympathize with my parched plants. So instead of retreating to my book or a show on Netflix I retreat to my swing and open to Jude. It is my turn to teach our Sunday school class this week and that is what the lesson is on. When I read it quickly yesterday I thought, "Why Jude? This is a weird book." Today I am not rushed. Nothing around me is rushed. I begin to read and there it is in the first verse. How did I miss this yesterday?
371. Loved by God the Father and kept by Jesus Christ

I feel watered, loved, full.

372. Some quiet time outside

373. Toys in the flowerbed


Grammy said...

Youe thankful posts have blessed me so much! I love seeing your life through your eyes. Such a blessed life.

mimi sharon said...

Simple pleasures are the most rewarding. Way to go lady Ags!!