Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mother/Daughter Weekend

My mom turns 60 this February.  Lindsey and I wanted to do something really special for her so for Christmas and birthday we gave her a weekend in Kyle at The Inn Above Onion Creek.  We got to go over the long MLK weekend.  Lindsey added to the fun by getting engaged the weekend before so we got to add wedding planning to our relaxation and spa treatments.

 Our beautiful inn
 Relaxing on the porch
 Wedding planning by the fire
 The cat made itself comfortable
 Some of the yummy food we ate

 Yes, she found her dress.  No, this isn't it, but it was one of the top choices.
 Mom was a little teary
Love these girls!


TeamBortzfield said...

teary here too, she looks beautiful! happy birthday Grammy!

mimi sharon said...

3 beautiful girls. I'm sure Debbie was teary, I cried when my girls tried on their dresses and got all goose pimply when Debbie told me about it. Fun times.

Julie said...

How fun! Look forward to doing this with my girls one day. :) Congratulations to Lindsey! I am so thrilled for her. What a fun time for your sweet family!