Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Red Neck Weekend

 The monster trucks were in our town this weekend.  John Curtis was super excited.  Thankfully he didn't know there was an actual show, but the trucks were parked around town so he got to see them.

 Taylor would have loved to take him to the show, but there was a hunting seminar at our church on Saturday night that the men's ministry put on.  We are not hunters or gun people in any way so our kids didn't know what to think of all the animals at the church on Saturday afternoon.

 Pumba - this guy was disgusting!

Bobcats have been known to visit the outskirts of our town so they can shoot as many of these as they want!

This is how hunters decorate tables.

Foxy fox
Then there's this guy - who shoots a porcupine???

We have a 5 year old's obsession with bottoms.  This one was pretty gross.

This picture pretty much sums up my kids' thoughts on the whole experience.


TeamBortzfield said...

Are you thinking what I'm thinking??? shotgun shells and corn for Lindsey's centerpieces!! run it by her. David Walker could help us out i'm sure. Love you Rednecks!

Lindsey said...

Ha! Edie did mention that my apple green and chocolate brown colors looked like camo...I see a theme happening!

Grammy said...

I LOVE that last picture. Says it all.