Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Week in Texarkana

We were planning a trip to Texarkana for later in the summer but when Taylor's grandmother passed away on Sunday night we moved our trip up and changed our plans for the first week of summer.  We drove in on Tuesday, our anniversary, and since the house was pretty full that night, Taylor booked the two of us a hotel room in Arkansas.  It was a nice little get away.
 The funeral was Wednesday and we had a lot of good time with family.
 The kids' second cousins are their ages and they had so much fun playing together.  I wish they got to be together more.
 Cousins!  Sommer had to go back to Dallas for a conference, but the boys had fun going through old pictures and laughing at their ancestors and their parents when they were young.
 The whole family.
 On Thursday we took the kids to the waterpark.  It was nice and not crowded at all.  The kids loved it!

Friday was Taylor's dad's retirement party at his school.

 We were thankful we got to spend our first week of summer with family!

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