Saturday, June 7, 2014

Little Ballerina Growing Up

In the world of ballerinas that I am learning more and more about, getting your pointe shoes is an exciting day.  Sophie was told a few weeks ago by her teacher that she was ready to go to pointe and finally we found a weekend to go to Dallas to find the perfect shoe.

I had no idea how complicated this process is.

 We tried on shoes for almost 2 hours, eliminating and returning to her favorites,  as her feet swelled and shrunk. 
 Mackenzie was great making sure we found the perfect pair.
 Finally!  We found them!  Evidently Sophie prefers the old school Russian made shoes.
 Thank you Mackenzie!
 Aunt Edie joined Mom and me at the shoe store and then we all went to eat Thai food in honor of Lindsey who couldn't be there.
 She got to Skype with Lindsey later to show off her shoes.
 That evening we surprised Sophie with tickets to Swam Lake at the Bass.
She could not have had a more perfect day!

Her shoes have rarely left her sight over the past week.  She holds then and pets them while she's watching TV.  We had to head out of town as Taylor's grandmother passed away so we had to delay her first day on her pointe shoes a few days, however she also got to learn to sew her elastic and ribbons from an expert.


Hopefully she'll know how to do it next time!


Grammy said...

So glad to be a part of Sophie's big day! I just know someday we will be waiting outside that cast door, program in hand, trying to get the famous ballerina's autograph. I can say, "I was there when she got her first pointe shoes!"

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness its like wedding dress shopping! So sorry to have missed it. She has come so far so fast!