Sunday, June 22, 2014

House Progress: Hallway, Half Bath, and Laundry Room

We are working hard to get this house finished before school starts!  On Memorial Day I worked on scraping and painting the half bath and last weekend we pulled everything out of the laundry room.  While Taylor was finishing the front hallway I was working on the walls and ceiling in there.  On Father's Day the kids and I spent the day cleaning the tile in the front hallway and painting and caulking base boards when Taylor put them on.
That is a stinking long hallway!  It is so nice to walk in our front door and see one continuous floor!
Since we had pulled my washer and dryer out I was definitely motivated to get that room done, so even though it was VBS week I spent the afternoons scraping up the linoleum off the floor so Taylor could start tiling.  He worked really hard and we finished both the half bath and laundry room this weekend!
 So this is what the bathroom USED to look like.
 I needed some color in my otherwise grey house so I went a little wild on these two rooms with passion fruit walls and turquoise ceilings.  Taylor put in the same tile that is in the kids' bathroom.

 Right across the hall is the laundry room painted the exact same way.
 Taylor made me these shelves and I love them!
 It is so functional now which is something I was really missing from my old laundry room.
 He also hung these great hooks for all of our swim bags and towels.
I would really love to paint these cabinets someday, as well as the ones in the half bath.  That is just more work than I have in me right now. Maybe in a few years we'll paint all these and the ones in the kitchen.  The more we talk about all we want to do in the kitchen, the more things we start taking off the list for now!
So today I'm resting (and doing a little laundry in my beautiful new room) because next week I have big plans to take on the game room, which may be the biggest room in the house.  Pressing on!

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Julie said...

I love your house, Alyson! I really would love to come and see you guys sometime. Love ya'll!