Saturday, February 23, 2008


On Thursday night we went to the Rodeo and carnival. Sophie had in her mind that she wanted to ride the ferris wheel. I'm not sure where that thought came from, but she had been talking about riding one for a while now. I thought she would change her mind when she saw it, but she didn't. When I see the rides at the carnival, I can still hear my mom's voice saying, "Anything they can put up in an afternoon can't be very safe!" However, I pushed the voice aside (sorry, Mom) and let her get on it with Taylor. She loved it! Evidently, things that are high don't scare her, just dark rides (as we discovered at Disney World). She also rode the little cars that go around in a circle and the carousel. I figured there wasn't much danger in those. The Midway was definitely the highlight for Sophie.

John Curtis on the other hand loved the petting zoo. He chased after those goats and sheep and didn't mind them surrounding him. While Sophie isn't afraid of heights, she is afraid of a mob of goats surrounding her. It wasn't the highlight for her.

We also ate some "yummy" fair food. Sophie loved the fried Cajun shrimp on a stick! By the time the rodeo actually started at 7:30, the kids were exhausted. John Curtis saw a little of the bull riding before he conked out. Sophie really enjoyed watching it and said she wanted to stay until the end, but decided around 9:00 that she was ready to go home. Even the sugar from the cotton candy couldn't keep her awake anymore!

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