Monday, February 25, 2008

My Little Chipmunk Face

As I have tried to explain what happened to John Curtis this weekend, people are having a hard time understanding. I'm having a hard time understanding and I was there! So I'm going to try to explain using pictures. Let me set the stage. Our kids' closets have folding doors on them. At the bottom of the doors is a metal piece that sticks out.

Once when I was sitting by the closet playing with the kids I decided it was dangerous for the piece to stick out like that and so I folded it back so that it looked like this.

Much safer, huh? I thought so. Can you see where this is going? On Saturday John Curtis was playing in Sophie's closet and something possessed him to try to chew on that hook. I like to think he is a very bright child and was using his imagination and pretending he was a fish. Well, he got to see what it feels like to be a fish because somehow he got that hook stuck in his cheek. No, I didn't take a picture of him stuck, we were a little panicked at the time. Taylor just thought he had fallen, but when he tried to pick him up he didn't budge. He realized he was stuck to the door! I stuck my finger in his mouth, but couldn't get him to budge and I was scared to pull too hard. I don't do well in emergency situations. Finally Taylor told me to hold him still (keep in mind he's screaming at the top of his lungs) and he just pulled the cheek back as far as he could and got him free. We were really very lucky. I expected blood everywhere, but it didn't bleed. His cheek immediately swelled like a chipmunk's though and he wouldn't stop screaming. We gave him Tylenol and a Popsicle and called a nurse friend to come over and check him out.

He let her look in his mouth and she found bruising all around his cheek and up and down in his gums, too. We kind of got a picture of one spot, but that is all he would let us get.

He is doing amazingly well. He is eating fine and doesn't seem to be in much pain. He has been waking up some at night crying, but will usually settle back down with Tylenol. Our pediatrician goes to our church so he checked him out yesterday and said there was not permanent damage. The vicious metal hooks have been removed from both closets. This is what my sweet boy looks like this morning. Everyone go check your closet doors!


Kristie said...

That really is a bizarre accident. John Curtis looks cute, even with a puffy cheek.
Thanks for the input on the picture arrangement. I also want to center my title and figure how to put a picture behind it. Don't know why this is hard for me to figure out. :)

Debbie Mendrop said...

Poor baby! Hope the swelling goes down quickly. I go with smart. I am sure he was doing something creative or experimental in trying to eat the closet door. I am sure...

watkinsfamily said...

He's still cute, even with the chipmunk face. It reminds of the time that Kirk got stuck in Gordon's recliner between the footrest and the seat! Glad he's doing better.

The Taylors said...

Amazing! I love the fish comparison...! I am sure at the time there was panic, but the moment is and will be a crazy "repeat every year" story! ~ Sean