Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Taylor is 30!

Today is Taylor's 30th birthday. He celebrated it in a big way with several parties. On Friday night our Sunday School class surprised him with a dinner at a Japanese Hibachi grill in town. The food was great and afterward everyone went over to our house to play Cranium. We had a really good time.

On Saturday night our friends, the Peacocks, had us over for a birthday dinner. They have two little boys close to our kids' ages. Caleb is 4 and Connor is 15 months. Sophie and Caleb had fun playing (their favorite game was doctor and we all had to have a talk about appropriate play) and Connor and John Curtis had fun ignoring each other. John Curtis really loved their soft carpet and spent much of the evening laying on it. Maybe he misses our carpet, I don't know. The dads played the Wii and everyone had a great time.

Today Taylor and I got to go out to lunch at Outback while the kids were at Mom's Day Out. When I picked them up, Sophie and I made his traditional blueberry birthday cake. Then the church had a surprise party for him this afternoon. Tonight we are going to have a family dinner with just the four of us. So now I am married to an older man for a few months.

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Kristie said...

Well, I've done it. I've posted a blog. It's www.kristiewalton.blogspot.com.

I enjoy looking at all the pictures on your blog.