Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quick Waco Trip

Taylor had to make a quick trip to Waco on Monday to speak at Truett's chapel on Tuesday.  Since he had to get a hotel room anyway, we decided to tag along (after suggesting he find one with an indoor pool).  

Taylor and the kids swam for about an hour when we got to the hotel Monday afternoon.  Then we met our friends, Jeni and Patrick for dinner.  
John Curtis still stayed pretty close to the steps while Sophie was all over the pool.  She loved every minute of it and always likes to spend the night in a hotel.

Look at this poor little boy.  Though he isn't technically sick anymore, he still isn't himself.  He lost a few pounds and is still on a restricted diet so he hasn't recovered his strength.  He still tires very easily and is a little grumpy and moody.  We're going to try to go to "school" tomorrow and see how it goes.
On Tuesday morning the kids and I swam for a while and then went to play at Cameron Park.  The bluebonnets were so beautiful on our drive into Waco and Sophie wanted to see them up close.  We found a field at the park full of them.  
Enjoying the flowers

Stopping to pose
Sophie liked examining them up close and even found a few lady bugs.
We played for a while on the playground and then had a picnic.
We finished up our park day riding scooters along the river.  The kids enjoyed watching the squirrels and ducks. 


Grammy said...

So glad you got to see Bluebonnets, since you live way out west where they are few and far between. Glad the little grubworm is feeling better! I hope they find lots and lots of eggs at their hunt today. Love you!

TeamBortzfield said...

I'm so glad JC is much better. At our 6 mo check up C had the oral vaccine for rotavirus and I all but held her little beak shut til she swallowed it all. That is pretty scary but I'm glad he is ok!

Sharon Hamilton said...

My kids always liked a hotel with an indoor pool. Good to see John Curtis feeling better.