Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Couldn't Sleep Last Night so I Lay in Bed and Thought About....

Twilight! Isn't that strange? I stayed up making some muffins for a back to school breakfast our church is doing for a local elementary school. As I was waiting for them to come out I was flipping through the channels and stopped on E news for a sneak peak at New Moon. That was the last thing in my head when I lay down and for the next few hours I analyzed the story and decided I am no longer a huge Twilight fan. I know this will shock some of you since I personally handed many of you the book. Yes, I was the one who chose it for book club and I was the one who secretly passed it to some of you hidden in a gift bag at church because I didn't want everyone to know the preacher's wife read books about vampires. Don't get me wrong, I still like the books and I'm sure I'll go see New Moon. However, in my late night ponderings I began to wonder WHY do I like the books...and why do YOU????

It all started the other night when I rented the movie for Taylor to watch with me. I thought since I got it in Blu Ray he would like it more. I was wrong! Granted, it isn't a great movie. It isn't even a good movie, but I thought he might want to understand the mania that is Twilight. As he sat mocking the movie I started thinking about the fun days ahead when Sophie can watch chick flicks with me. That got me thinking about her watching this specific movie with me. The more I thought about it the less I liked it. I even commented to Taylor, "I hope Sophie never reads this stuff. Bella is so weak!"

So last night when I couldn't sleep that is where my thoughts went. I have had these thoughts about the book before. I think they give teenagers a false idea of what love is. But I've never thought about my own daughter reading them and what she might learn from them. Spoiler Alert: If you haven't read the books and don't want the movies ruined for you, don't read on. Like I said before, Bella is so weak. She is definitely not a character I want my daughter obsessed with. I'm wondering if the New Moon movie will be as painful to read as the book. I wanted to yell, "Snap out of it! Get out of bed and get back to your life!" But she couldn't because she had no life outside of Edward. Is this healthy? And Edward isn't any better. He basically stalks Bella throughout the entire first book, then he abandons her. Throughout the first 3 books you think Bella is going to have to sacrifice greatly for love. This is an admirable theme even if I hope Sophie never has to give us and the chance for a normal life up for the guy she loves. However, I liked that that difficult concept was in there. Love isn't always easy, nor does it always end in a happy ending...except then it did. Bella didn't have to give up ANYTHING in the end. She got her man, she got her baby, and she got to keep her parents too. I hated that ending, it was too easy (plus I wanted a big fight scene).

Anyway, I've had all these thoughts before as I read the book, but last night I wondered why we are all so taken with a weak heroine and bad story telling? Maybe it's the idea that the perfect man (or vampire) can fall for the average girl. Maybe it's the idea of being someone else's life (although again, is this healthy????). What do you think? And don't pretend you haven't read it because I know most of you have AND and I know most of you liked it. I fell asleep before I figured it all out, but I'm sure you all have great thoughts.


Kristie said...

I think for me, anyway, it's fun to use reading as an escape. Sometimes I read to be stretched, to learn, to grow; but sometimes I like to leave the reality of our world behind and imagine something different. I guess there is some appeal to being everything for someone. It sounds romantic, I suppose.
I agree with your sentiments though. I hate the idea of my daughter, or even my son, getting the idea that love is like that. That it's about not being able to live or breathe without the other person. That is not healthy. I want my children to be able to say they want to spend their life with someone, they choose to spend their life with someone; not "I cannot live without them."
Bella and Edward were both weak. He believed that to truly love her, he had to let her go, do what was best for her. But he didn't. Oh, and she got to keep her best friend. Yeah right. Two guys in love with one girl and she gets to keep both of them.
Having said that, it was a fun, easy read and I'm sure I will watch all the movies. A movie doesn't have to be that great for me to watch it. :)

Lindsey said...

Completely agree. Last fall when the books were really big because of the movie, I heard one teenage guy say that his girlfriend actually dumped him after reading Twilight since she wanted someone more like Edward. I was floored. I KNOW teenage girls have an over-romanticized view of love but come on.

Debbie Mendrop said...

First of all, you WAY overthink things. How did I produce such deep thinking creatures? Second of all, you are right. However, we can learn from flawed characters as well. They can point out things in our own lives that need improvement, and can be a talking point for change. I think we also like the clear good/versus evil in the book. The fantasy element that appeals to us at some level. They are also well-written books, I am glad they sparked so many teens to read who usually don"t pick up a book. Now post some pictures of my babies and move on!!!!

Alyson Sandlin said...

Thanks for your thoughts girls. I guess Mom wants me to leave my book discussions to book club and not the blog. What kind of librarian are you????

The Taylors said...

Well said Alyson. I agree, and I would have rather Stephenie Meyers left Twilight as is, not writing the rest of the series.

Sean would have loved to watch it with Taylor rather than with me because he mocked it the entire time IN THE THEATRE. We get to see a movie once or twice a year, and we wasted one of those times on Twilight. Yes, I will see New Moon but probably not until it comes out on video.

Anyhow, I hope Ivy and Phoebe blaze their own trails after Jesus rather than moping around after a boy.