Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Halloween Storytime

Twice a month John Curtis and I go to story time at the public library. Today the kids got to wear their costumes. It was a good practice run for Halloween and showed us some ways his costume can be improved.
This is John Curtis waiting by the car to take a picture with Connor.
This is John Curtis running away in fear when he saw Connor in his skeleton mask. He wouldn't go near him until he took it off.
As you can see our box is leaning a little causing our little guy to be uneven. We're working on it.
The costume, of course, had to come off since he can't do anything in it except walk. They got to throw leaves in the air with a parachute.

This picture was taken in the dark. They were pretending to be ghosts. Scary!
Looking through his telescope like a pirate.
These drums were super loud. I'm sure all of the library patrons without children appreciated this.


Grammy said...

This is one of those costumes that he will look back on and say "Remember when you made me wear that box?" He is past cute in it.

mimi sharon said...

Julie never liked anyone in a mask either. Or even a beard. At least he participates. Soo cute.

Alyson Sandlin said...

Mom, if I recall you made me wear a box once, too. Remember the microwave??????

Lindsey said...

Actually, I recall the microwave being YOUR idea....

Grammy said...

It was so totally YOUR idea!!! I just thought of the turkey in the oven. You were so cute!

Alyson Sandlin said...

Then I was a pretty creative child :) Oh, and this was his idea. I promise! We asked him who he wanted to be and he said, "WALL E!"