Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trick or Treating at School

John Curtis's class went trick or treating today. The parents make a big semi circle in the gym and the kids come by in their costumes to trick or treat. Last year it took forever so I decided not to cancel my tutoring classes. Instead Taylor was going to run up there and take pictures of him. We were told his class was last so I told Taylor to get there around 10. Unfortunately, they changed the order at the last minute and his class went first. Taylor missed the whole thing. The disappointing thing to me was that I could have stayed for a few minutes and watched it and still made it to work on time. Oh well. It's hard for me to get used to not being at everything.
Thankfully my sweet friend Roxanne took some pictures of John Curtis for me. As you can see, an unfortunate result of Daddy not being there was that his eyes are on upside down.


Grammy said...

He won't even be able to see what is in his bag! At least he has an idea this year what it is all about. I love the pics.

Kristie said...

It must be hard to not be able to go to everything. Sorry you missed it. I love his costume. Too cute! Oh and your storytime is cooler than ours. Evan went dressed up yesterday and he was the only one. :( It was just regular storytime.

Carey said...

I'm so glad Connor accidentally got in one of your school TOTing pics! Will you send that one to me?