Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Weekend With Family and Friends

Taylor's brother called a few weeks ago and offered him a ticket to the A&M/Arkansas game that was played at the new stadium in Dallas last weekend. Taylor was so excited to go and we were excited to go spend the weekend with Grammy and Bumpaw in Weatherford. We got to spend time with the grandparents as well as Mimi, my great aunt Max and great uncle G.T., and Uncle Erick. Though the game didn't turn out as hoped, Taylor had a great time at the new stadium with his brother. We got home late Sunday afternoon just in time to get ready for the college group to come over for dinner. It was fun getting to spend time with them and the kids loved playing with Kaden, Mary Kate, and Evan. A weekend spent with family and friends is the best kind!
A picnic lunch by the pool with Mimi
Visiting with Uncle G.T. and Aunt Max

Bumpaw sharing his chocolate shake with the kids. This is a true sign of love for my dad. He doesn't share his shake with just anyone.
Reading with Uncle Erick
Fun time with friends
College fellowship


TeamBortzfield said...

what a fun weekend! We felt pretty sorry for Taylor but were glad he got to see the new stadium and have fun with his brother. Wish we could have seen you!

mimi sharon said...

I can't believe your Dad shared his Shake with them. You'll do anything to please a grandchild.