Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Snow Day

Yea! No school today!
John Curtis ate the snow the entire time.
Building her snow penguin
Hiding from the camera
Sophie wanted to make an entire zoo of animals, but her hands were getting too cold. All we got was a penguin.
Warming up by the fire with a movie, popcorn and hot chocolate
Back out after rest time and still eating snow
Snow ball fight!

Snow Ice Cream
Full Disclosure: I wasn't one of the forward thinking moms who put the bowl out to catch the snow this morning when it was really falling. However, since my kids were already eating the snow off the ground I thought, "Why not?" I did scrape it off the top of the pile on the table outside instead of off the ground. We wouldn't want any of Gracie's special chocolate treats in our ice cream.


Grammy said...

You got lots of snow! It looked nice and dry, fun to play in. It has been a fun winter, but now it can go away. Come warm weather!

TeamBortzfield said...

Aly you sound just like your Dad when you talk to the dog, I think the Mississippi really comes out. BUT you sound just like your Mom when your sss laugh. Hope you're having a fun weekend!