Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine Weekend

After spending the last week doing a little whining and complaining (okay, maybe a lot) about not being able to go out due to church responsibilities, my weekend turned out quite nice. When Taylor took Sophie to the dance on Thursday night, Miss Cindy and Mr. James came to stay with John Curtis and I got to spend a wonderfully long and uninterrupted dinner visiting with my dear friend, Leia.

Friday night was Parents' Night Out, the best Friday night of the month. However, on this particular Friday the church had also scheduled a Point of Grace concert and Taylor needed to be there. I like Point of Grace just fine, but I treasure Parents' Night Out and really wanted to go to dinner with my husband and see the movie, Valentine's Day. So, being the godly pastor's wife that I am, I whined to my husband. Maybe to get me to shut up or maybe just because he loves me, he scheduled a date for us on Saturday night. He lined up one of our teenagers to come over and watch the kids and bought tickets for the movie. Then we got a call Thursday night that Point of Grace would not be able to make it to San Angelo due to all the snow in DFW. I really did feel bad about this. A lot of people were looking forward to this concert. But, Parents' Night Out was still on so we had another wonderfully long and uninterrupted dinner (made entirely by Taylor) at our house with friends and watched the movie, 17 Again.

Then the weekend got even better. The church had scheduled a work day for Saturday that was cancelled due to the ground being so wet. So instead of being home alone with the kids all day, we all got to spend the day together. We pretended like Saturday was Valentine's Day.
We started the day with a breakfast of bagels with strawberry cream cheese, strawberry jam in the shape of a heart, and a heart shaped strawberry on top, oh, and strawberry milk. We had a theme going.
Sophie loves crafts so we got them a few Valentine crafts to work on
Valentine Door Hangers
When Taylor was fixing lunch I was impressed to see him cut the strawberries into little heart shapes. He really doesn't like Valentine's Day, but he got into it anyway.
After rest the kids painted little frogs.
Then for snack we had layered Jello hearts. It brought back fond memories of my Mom's rainbow Jello

I know you're thinking the day couldn't get much better than heart shaped Jello, but it did. Taylor scheduled me an hour long massage for that afternoon. This really had nothing to do with Valentine's Day, but we had decided at the New Year if we could work out for 6 weeks straight we could both get massages. He was nice enough to schedule mine for me. I didn't take pictures of this though:) Our date was wonderful, too.

This morning's church service was great and Sophie's little choir performed. We had a great lunch with friends (thanks for the gift card, Grammy) followed by a very restful afternoon.

So though I will never tell my kids this, perhaps whining does pay off. Just kidding. I really did feel bad and promise to never whine again;)


TeamBortzfield said...

looks like Sophie is giving a guns up when she's singing!
Glad you all had a memorable valentines weekend!

Grammy said...

Happy Valentines Day! Your husband is good to you, but a little whining never hurts, just to remind him about what is important. I will have to tell you about our Valentine surprise in Mexico!