Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Tuesday Full of Thankfulness

We had an unusually busy Tuesday. In addition to our usual day of grocery shopping, laundry, and ballet, John Curtis also had his 3 year check up and Sophie celebrated her 100th day of school.

John Curtis wanted to take his Mickey Mouse doctor kit with him to the doctor's office. He had fun comparing his instruments to Dr. Herbert's. He had a great check up. He is healthy and growing right on track. Who would have thought my little 5lb. 13oz. baby would be in the 75% for height?

There is a great park across from Dr. Herbert's office. I promised John Curtis he could go play if he was a big boy during his visit. This was a lot easier since he didn't get any shots, but he did great. So even though it was drizzly and cold, Mommy held up her end of the deal.

After lunch it was time to head to Sophie's school for her 100th day parade. She had made a poster with 100 stickers on it and they paraded around the school with their posters. It is a good thing they made posters. Otherwise I don't know what Sophie would have hidden behind.

This is what she looked like the entire parade.

Marching around the school

Still hiding

A sneak peek at that beautiful face from the side. Check out the carpet burn beside her eye. She had a run in with the floor at church Sunday - I promise.

She's still not coming out

Finally, safely in her classroom she emerges with her lovely necklace of 100 beads, except there weren't 100, which was part of the reason she wasn't coming out during the parade. She kept telling her teacher she didn't have 100 and her teacher told her she was sure she did. Poor Mrs. Hernandez told me Sophie was quite emotional over this and the fact that her classmates were so noisy she couldn't count them. So tonight I counted them for her to show her she was upset over nothing. Guess how many there were??? 96. So we found 4 more beads and now there are 100!

Today I was reading the story in Matthew 15 about the woman crying to Jesus for him to heal her daughter. The commentary said, "Try to imagine this mother's concern and worry for her suffering child. How would you feel if your child were suffering and you didn't know how to help them? Even today, millions of children around the world are suffering from disease, malnutrition, and unsanitary living conditions. Pray for those children who are suffering today. Pray about what you can do to help them."

Of course my mind immediately went to Haiti. I can't imagine what it would be like not to be able to feed or care for your child. I recalled memories of my trip to Haiti in college and how horrible the conditions were before the earthquake. Those mothers love their children every bit as much as I love mine and it must break their hearts to see their children suffer. It made me extra thankful today that my kids are healthy and the most they have to worry about is that there aren't 100 beads on their necklace. I honestly have a hard time not questioning God when I hold up my life to others. Yet all I know to do is pray and be thankful.


TeamBortzfield said...

I am thankful for you! Loving your sweet words and cute kids~

Grammy said...

Good thing she did not glue those 100 acorns on her poster, that could have been a catastrophe. She is just like God intended her to be, and she will do great things for Him. Love to all of you! And Happy 100th day! Just 79 to go.

mimi sharon said...

Oh she reminds me of you! But that is a good thing I hope she grows up just like you. Well maybe a little Taylor wouldn't hurt