Monday, February 8, 2010

Tackling, Super Bowl, and Happy Birthday, Grammy

We just play the tackle part of football - no ball

In the beginning all is nice and innocent.....
Then they go in for the tackle....
This time he tries to hold them off...
He's breaking through the block...
But he doesn't get far before they take him down.

We aren't big Super Bowl fans. I don't think we've been to a Super Bowl party since we've had kids. I guess we're just no fun anymore. I haven't really cared who won since way back in the Cowboys' glory days. When we have a game on though, Sophie always wants to know who "our" team is. So we had to pick one. It wasn't too difficult to chose since Taylor's mom is from Louisiana and I lived there for a few years as a small child, and hey, we've at least been to New Orleans. However, the deciding factor that caused us to cheer for the Saints came in a package from G-Momma and Poppa.
The girl loves tattoos and her allegiance will quickly shift to any team as long as she gets to wear a tattoo.
Even though we weren't having a party, the Super Bowl makes me want to eat junk food.
So making brownies was a must.
We also sent Daddy out for Double Dave's pepperoni rolls. He came back with two dozen. I don't know why. Guess what we're having for dinner tonight????

Sophie watched the game for about his long and then she was off to play

until the brownies were ready.

Yea, we have some of these left over, too.

On another note, we want to say, "Happy Birthday, Grammy!" Hope Mexico is fun!

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Grammy said...

Looks like you had a great Super Bowl party! At least it was a fun game. Miss you all so much!!!!