Wednesday, March 5, 2008

They Aren't Readers Yet, But I Think They're Pretty Great!

My mom was kind enough to send me this link yesterday about a 17 month old who can read. http://www.kcbd.com/global/story.asp?s=7937573. Beware all you moms. Seeing other kids excel can make you feel that your kids may not be gifted after all. And let's face it, we all think ours are! While neither of my kids can read yet, I thought this would be a good opportunity to update what they are up to.

Sophie is growing so fast. I was working on her scrapbook last night and can't believe the difference in her from last year. She is definitely a little girl and all girl at that. If she is home you can usually find her in a princess dress up outfit. Today she is Snow White. Daddy is always her prince and if the music is on he must dance with her. She is sensitive and dramatic and her feelings get hurt easily. When she gets upset, even if it is something as silly as me getting John Curtis dressed first, she throws herself on her bed and cries for a while. My parents say what goes around comes around :) However, with that sensitivity comes a very tender heart for others and a kindness I pray she won't lose as she grows up. She loves making her brother laugh and I love seeing them play together. While she isn't reading yet, she does know all of her letters and can identify them. She goes through times when she is obsessed with what words start with, which makes this teacher's heart glad. Although she is growing up, she still says some pretty cute things. My favorite is that she thinks the word forgot is "I forgot". For example, "Mommy, you I forgot my drink". When the sun was in her eyes the other day she told me the sun wouldn't quit looking at her. My mom's favorite is when she was sneaking up on her and she said, "I sneaked you up!" While I never thought we'd have our own princess in our house, we are incredibly thankful for her life and her sweet spirit.

While Sophie is all girl, John Curtis is all boy! If there is something in his hand it will either be thrown or put in his mouth (as my last post explained). He has a pretty good arm, too. He is a bit more stubborn than his sister and likes to pretend that he doesn't understand the word no, and he is in to everything! If I had to come up with one word that sums up John Curtis it would be joyful. He laughs easily and often, and sometimes we aren't even sure what at. His vocabulary consists of Mama, Dada, uh-oh, and thank you. He also signs more, bird (for most animals), drink, thank you, and all done (although his favorite sign for that is throwing his plate across the kitchen). John Curtis loves to be outside throwing rocks and balls or eating dirt. He seems to always be dirty. We are currently trying to wean him of his pacifier. He goes down pretty easily without it. The hard part is when he wakes up early in the morning looking for it. He can't find it and therefore cries and since I value my sleep above all else at that point, I give it to him. I'm so weak early in the morning!

I could go on about my kiddos, but I'll spare you and attach some pictures instead of them in the yard yesterday. Yes, John Curtis did enjoy tasting some of that mud!


Julie Walker said...

I think that reading at 17 months thing can't be true but Carol told me she watched it and it is! Oh well, at least our kids are cute. I am so glad you have a boy and get to see so much of what we missed out on only having sisters. Boys are gross and smelly but they always love their moms!!!

Kristie said...

Thank you so much for sharing your kids. I enjoyed reading about them.

The Taylors said...

I love the video of Sophie singing, so sweet. John Curtis in beads is a fun picture. We miss you guys!