Friday, September 24, 2010

A Thursday at Home

Thursdays are becoming one of my favorite days of the week. It is the only morning John Curtis and I don't have to rush to get ready. It is our stay home day. While I love my job teaching 3 year olds three days a week by Thursday I'm ready for some down time. Today we cleaned house, got out our fall decorations, and stayed in our P.J.s until he had to go to gymnastics at 2:30. I love these days with my little man.
One of the fun things about teaching preschool is trying things out on John Curtis at home.
We're doing Brown Bear, Brown Bear next week.

He did a puppet show with the animals while "reading" the book.
I wish these days could last forever!


Jeanann said...

So sweet. I love Brown Bear.

Grammy said...

I love the way he reads that book! Such precious memories. He won't remember these days at home with you, but you will. I do.