Friday, September 3, 2010

Serenity in the Midst of Chaos

See what my husband brought home for me the other day?
He said it reminded him of Hawaii.
It's a bromeliad. Honestly I've never heard of it before, but I like it and it makes me happy. It sits on the kitchen table. Everyday it is surrounded by chaos - stacks of mail and papers, meals being prepared, friends visiting, kids playing (usually a few more than just my 2), homework, meals eaten with lots of conversation, Bible stories read, prayers said, the floor being swept and swept again, children fighting, parents having lively discussions (never fights :) - just life in general. It's good chaos but when I get overwhelmed I can look at my pretty plant and remember 10 days of paradise. I can remember that Taylor and I are more than parents. He's more than a pastor and student. I'm more than a maid, cook, and teacher. We really do still love each other and love going on adventures together. I love my husband, especially since he thought he was just buying me a plant.


Julie said...

I love this, Alyson! It is so sweet. :) Hope you guys have a good weekend!

Shanllleigh said...