Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Week with Mimi

My grandmother spent last week with us while Taylor was out of town. The kids LOVE being with their Mimi. It worked out great since JC's favorite thing to do these days is play games. Mimi was able to keep him totally occupied by just sitting and playing with him most of the week. I did witness her playing a few games of hide and go seek, but she drew the line at Twister.

Mimi also taught the kids how to play Old Maid. It was great to add some variety into our card game playing.
With the Dora cards we have the Old Maid is a witch. John Curtis doesn't have a very good poker face when he gets the witch.
Sophie joined in the game playing in the evenings.
A deep conversation
Helping with homework (no John Curtis doesn't have homework yet, but he does like to pretend when Sophie does hers).

How blessed my kids were to have had 6 great grandparents alive when they were born. We said good-bye to one of them this week as Taylor's grandmother, Nana, passed away. We will miss her. I pray my kids will remember the precious time they spent with all their great grandparents.


TeamBortzfield said...

Your Mimi is ageless to me. How fun to spend a week with her, you're a really good grand daughter. I am just picturing a week with my Nanny, nope!

Kristie said...

I love JC's witch face. And the homework chairs.

Grammy said...

Those are great pictures, Alyson. Such a blessing to have her in our lives, I am thankful every day. Wish I was there!