Tuesday, March 15, 2011

274. Spring Break!

Yea! It was time for a break. Sophie's school celebrated with an end of the week picnic.

Then Friday night we headed out to camp at the new Water For All property in Paint Rock. They will be doing drilling classes there starting next week and the place needed a little fixing up. Lots of deacons and other people from the church came out to help. Only a few of us were brave enough to camp out, though.

275. Camping out

276. Singing together
277. Stars filling the West Texas sky
278. Children's playful screams in the dark

279. Sleeping in a tent
280. Working together
281. A ministry that makes a difference

282. 4 people in 2 sleeping bags
283. Cuddling close with Sophie

284. A porcupine in a tree

285. Kids squealing with the water hose
286. Freedom in Christ

After church on Sunday we headed to Inks Lake for another night of camping.

287. Beautiful weather
288. Canoes

289. Roasted marshmallows

290. Games around the lantern
291. Rain falling on the tent
292. Our new air mattress

On Monday morning we went to the Longhorn Caverns. The kids have been watching Planet Earth and were fascinated by the caves so I wanted to take them to see real caves.

293. Caves

294. A hike with Gracie
295. Bald eagles

Mom and Dad had been in Fredericksburg for a wedding so we met them and they took the kids home with them for a few days.

296. Date night

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