Saturday, March 26, 2011

317. Contentment

318. John Curtis singing on the swing
319. Pinwheels
320. Singing in chapel
321. Little man falling asleep under his train table
322. Family reading God's Word together by candlelight
323. Comfort from hearing His Word
324. Breakfast in a tent
325. Easter decorations
326. Bunny masks
327. Hours playing in the backyard
328. JC's prayer - "Dear God and Jesus, I hope you have a lot of fun at Easter and that there are a lot of bunnies."
329. Dinner conversation
330. A hug from Sophie
331. "Can I sit with you, Mom?"
332. Taylor making dinner
333. Time alone together
334. The morning sky
335. First dinner of the year on the back porch

336. New haircut



337. Water gun fights

338. Bubbles


Grammy said...

Love the new do! If possible, she looks even more like you. Also, I am glad I am not the only one who lets your son fall asleep on the floor. Have a great weekend!

mimi sharon said...

Cute haircut. It makes her look so much older.