Tuesday, March 1, 2011

212. Taylor Home!

Yea! After two weeks of being gone Taylor is finally home again. We spent all day Saturday together. In the morning we were back at Lowe's for another Build and Grow workshop.

And then we fell into the trap Lowe's set for us. Last time we were there we were discussing how great it was that the projects are free and how we are sure they lure some parents into the store and they spend a lot of money. We congratulated ourselves on walking away from a light fixture I have been looking at since the summer. Unfortunately, I couldn't walk away again. This is why...
This is an old picture as evidenced by the high chair at the table, but this is our old light fixture. It is ugly and I have hated it for 4 1/2 years.
This is my new light fixture. It is beautiful and I have loved it for 4 days. It makes my thankful list.

213. New beauty in my home

It goes great with the new dishes Taylor brought me home from Waco. Nothing makes up for the absence of your husband like new dishes.
214. A thoughtful husband
215. Taylor cooking dinner

216. A picnic in the living room
217. Kids running through the house on a Sunday morning
218. Sophie's journal revealing her heart
219. Sophie knowing God's Word
220. A Baptist preacher's kid loving to dance as a form of worship
My silly husband took the old light fixture and set it out in the garage to be sold at a future garage sale. I couldn't let it go to waste, though. Sophie and I had plans.

So with some spray paint I found in the garage and $15 spent at Hobby Lobby, I did this.

I hot glued sequins on the brass spheres

221. A thank you note and a kiss from Sophie

222. Transforming something old into something new
223. A quiet house
224. Everyone together under one roof
225. My job
226. My little boy's tears of frustration
227. Eating lunch out of my new bowl
228. Jeans right out of the dryer
229. Sophie's red socks
230. Coupons


Grammy said...

Trash to Treasures has nothing on you! Love the projects, cannot wait to see my babies soon!

Janet said...

Your new light fixture is beautiful and I love the dishes!! I love how you transformed the old one fixture. I also love the thank you note from Sophie. You are definitely blessed and I love reading about all of it!

Melissa said...

Love the new light fixtures, especially the 'new' one for Sophie's room. The real question is, does Sally have a matching mini-chandelier over her bed?