Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Next 20

231. JC chatting with the birds in the tree
232. Sophie loving to vacuum
233. An evening stroll
234. First star of the night
235. Laughter with friends around a kitchen table
236. A cuddly dog in the morning
This doesn't have much to do with this post, but is that not the cutest face? He was trying on Taylor's glasses. I can see his junior high picture now.

Taylor and I left EARLY Thursday morning to attend a parent involvement seminar in Lubbock with some parents and teachers from Sophie's school district. Mom came and took care of the kids for two days.

237. A sleeping town
238. Pink streaks across the sky
239. Thousands of wind turbines

240. Land the stretches forever

The seminar was pretty good, but it involved a lot of sitting.

Taylor was super excited

But I won a cool door prize...

with this guy in it. It's a pencil sharpener.

Meanwhile, Mom was sending me random pictures on my phone.

Evidently she let my son sleep on the floor.

She and John Curtis visited Sophie's school for lunch one day.
This is a bad picture, but it was taken by John Curtis so I had to include it.

Mom had to see the library

241. Shoes lined up in a row

And back in Lubbock Taylor and I were having some good quality time together.

242. Cuddling up with Taylor to watch a movie
243. Good steak
244. More than 10 hours of sleep
245. Dragons
246. Friends who watch our kids and buy us pizza
247. A full freezer (compliments of my mom)
248. Pancakes for breakfast
249. A Saturday in which nothing was accomplished

250. An El Camino (We rode by one parked on the side of the road on our bikes. It reminded me of my Poppy. I thought I could even smell a pipe.)


Grammy said...

Oh, how that all makes me smile! I love the squirrel, you have always been lucky in winning things. I never see an El Camino without thinking of Poppy, and I still have his pipe - I smell it from time to time. Thanks for letting me keep your precious babies.

Alyson Sandlin said...

It's a prairie dog, Mom. They make me think of Mimi and the park across the street from her house in Abilene.

ematwell said...

I have one of Daddy's pipes too and a briefcase that still smells of tobacco. Makes me cry when I smell it.

And we stop by the Prairie Dog Town every Christmas when we drive around Abilene.